This is the BEST CAMP EVER!

What about our camp makes it the Best of the Best?

Parents just like you are searching for a summer camp in the Santa Barbara area that is FUN, SAFE, and AFFORDABLE!
A summer camp where your child can make new friends, experience a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, learning/educational activities, play in our Dojo and much more! Best of the Best Camp is your solution for an incredible Spring or Summer!

My child is active and loves to have fun! What is included?
Your child will be able to participate in games, sports, arts and crafts, educational activities, and more!  Check out the incredible list below! Hurry! Spots are going quickly, contact us right now to save your child’s spot!


Indoor Summer Camp Sports:

  • Karate Classes! – This fun class will teach your child how to be safe around bullies and strangers, as well as learn how to do: Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Takedowns, and Grappling!
  • Tumbling! – Your child’s strength and flexibility will quickly improve in this awesome program! We teach basic tumbling skills that your child is going to love!
  • Dodgeball! – This is a camp favorite! Your child’s speed and reflexes will jump to the next level!
  • Capture the Flag! – Another camp favorite! Kids play the ultimate game of strategy and tag as they attempt to bring home their opponents flag!
  • Tug of War! – Kids test their strength and teamwork in this camp classic!
  • Kickball! – So much fun! You child will get their hearts pumping in this team based game of action.
  • Dojo Hockey! – Your camper will love this modified indoor hockey game utilizing pool noodles!
  • Dojo Baseball! – Another mat game modified to play indoors allows for kids of all ages to play!

Outdoor Summer Camp Sports:

  • Soccer! – Your child will learn how to pass, dribble, and score goals!
  • Basketball! – Your child will learn passing, shooting, dribbling, and most importantly teamwork in this fun program!
  • Racquetball! – Hand-eye coordination training at its finest!
  • Four Square! – A playground classic!
  • Wall Ball! – Another playground classic and a camp favorite!

Educational Activities:

  • Math!
  • Science!
  • History!
  • Reading and Writing!
  • Entrepreneurship!
  • Arts and Crafts!

FUN Bonus Activities & Special Guests (vary by week):

  • Movies!
  • Bounce Houses!
  • Police!
  • Fire Department!
  • Ambulance!
  • Nutritionist!
  • City Council!
  • Service Animals!
  • Harbor Patrol!
  • Professional Athletes!

Frequently Asked Questions

These summer camp activities are incredible! Are they all included in the camp enrollment? YES!
There is no extra cost for sports and activities! We also offer optional field trips once a week that your child can attend for a small fee!

What ages do you accept in summer camp?
We only accept children who are ages 5 thru 12. (If your child is 4.5 or 5 years old, your child must be enrolled in kindergarten for the 2017-2018 school year to be accepted.)

Will my child be in a class with similar aged children? YES!
Parents love that we group our kids together based on their grades! We have three classes: Kindergarten/1st grade, 2nd/3rd grade, and 4th/5th grade! This allows us to teach your child on the level that is appropriate for his/her age,

Is it true that your summer camp sells out each year? Yes, that is true!
Our camps typically sell out by June 1st each year. Contact us today to save your child’s spot! Once we sell out, we will place all new families on our waiting list and contact them if a spot opens for their children.

What does my child need to bring to summer camp each day?
We suggest that you pack 1-2 snacks and a bagged lunch each day for your child. Spring or Summer clothing such as: T-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes, is recommended.

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