• I love bringing my 6 year old daughter here! She loves the camp and can't stop talking about it when she comes home. I love that she's learning life skills from great role models, and she loves the field trips and games - so it's a great balance.

  • A well organized and managed camp teaching important self defense skills while bonding and having fun! The counselor to camper ratio was good and Austin was ever-present and vigilant in his management each day.

    Mary S.
  • The Camp provides caring counselors who believe in teaching kids good values. Values like courtesy, perseverance, discipline. This camp provides the versatile activities and field trips so that your child can not only learn great martial arts moves and get a taste, but also gets to exposed to other crafts, art, writing, reading, and field trips around town. The Cloud 10 and Lake Casitas water park are a usual favorite. It is great seeing the kids demonstrating their board breaking abilities at the end of week. Kids love BEST OF THE BEST Summer Camp!

  • My daughter Amelie loved this camp so much that she still talks about it every time we visit the dojo. The first year, we sent her to camp for 3 weeks- and we wished it had been for the whole summer by the end. She became very close to the counselors (who are junior martial artists, and great examples)- and always put on her best behavior in order to win the coolest "award" at the end of each week. She gained a life-long mentor out of that, and parlayed her enthusiasm into her own Hapkido training. She has, since, been to every camp week and special holiday offered; made more friends with great values inside and outside of her school friends than she ever could have otherwise; and has really blossomed into a caring and disciplined "older" child on her own. Thanks to MAFF, she has become a natural leader, inspiring her younger friends to follow suit. I highly recommend every program this school has to offer-- for all ages.

  • We do everything we can to keep our very active 6 year old happy and entertained through the summer, this includes camp-hopping from sports to arts and back and we never heard a bad report from a day's play. Yesterday he made the bold declaration that he doesn't want to go to any camp but MAFF Best of the Best! Our Son loves it because of the high energy and we love it because he is learning life long lessons in a safe environment while having all the fun in the world!

  • Such a cool camp! Not only do the kids learn martial arts, but practical stuff too! I can't say enough greatness about the staff, their energy is abundant & you can't miss their love for the kiddos! Truly is THE BEST CAMP EVER!

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